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Church House, Llangurig

Church House, Llangurig

On 9th September 2017 Llangurig Community Centre celebrated its first full year of operation following the refurbishment of the building previously known as Church House. The Committee is grateful to Llangurig Community Council, Powys County Council, The Big Lottery and Potters Waste Management for their financial assistance and to the residents of Llangurig for their financial, moral and enthusiastic support before, during and now since the refurbishment. In the last year over 3000 visits have been made to the Centre for more than 250 events that have been held there. These events cover a wide spectrum of interests from concerts, coffee mornings, exercise classes, lectures, social events, religious services, parties and funeral teas as well as a number of local association’s committee meetings.

If you are interested in using the Centre please contact Kathryn.ansteejones@live.co.uk and look on our website – LlangurigCommunityCentre.Wales - for hire charges and photos of the facilities the hall has to offer.

National Lottery

121 CLUB Draw Results


October Draw Results

1st Joan Owens (Llangurig)

2nd Jo Lewis (Llanidloes)

3rd Lili Jones (Liverpool)


September Draw results

1st Clifford Jones (Llangurig)

2nd Mr & Mrs Steel (Llangurig)

3rd Shirley Davies

   (Cwm Belan)


August  2018

1st Conor Short (Llangurig)

2nd Glenda Jones (Llanidloes)

3rd Steve Owen (Llangurig)

Latest Community Centre News

05-04-2016 at 2:36 PM

Successful Lottery Fund Bid

Llangurig Community Centre are pleased to announce that there has been a successful Big Lottery Fund Bid. Funding has been granted and that redevelopment of the Church House will commence later this year.
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